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The 2022 Jim Hodge Memorial Run is scheduled for Saturday August 6th!

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The 2022 Jim Hodge Memorial Run is scheduled for August 6th! We will not have a raffle this year, but are excited to announce we will be having a celebration at the event in recognition of this being the 10th annual run.

The 10th annual jim hodge run is scheduled for August 6th!

10th Annual Jim Hodge Memorial Run



It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years.

This year, 2022, is the 10th annual Jim Hodge Memorial Run. Over the last 9 years, we’ve raised $130,000 for supporting local cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation patients and raise awareness of organ donation. Thank you for being part of this impressive feat.

A decade ago, my family and I were looking for a way to remember Jim and remind our friends family, community, and yes, ourselves, what was important to him and what he meant to us We came up with the idea of a run/walk which was greeted by many that first year, so we decided to keep going forward.

Jim was devoted to the community his entire life. He worked for the Menominee Public School system and served in leadership roles for many local organizations, including President of the Bay Area Medical Center Board. After given only two years of survival, he underwent a lung transplant and more hope and endurance than anyone should need but lost his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a condition that damages the lungs and impairs the transfer of oxygen to other organs.

This year particularly, we are aiming to highlight the life-saving decision to become an organ donor. Jim’s time with us, his family, was extended thanks to a generous person that made the decision to become an organ donor once they passed. We are hoping to encourage others to do the same so that more families have time with their children, parents, spouses and friends.

Last year, if you remember, we moved the run to take the slot held by the Bay Area Waterfront Run, and what a great decision that was! We had over 220 runners running and walking along Green Bay and through downtown Menominee. My favorite new addition to the run was the Kids Race that happened after the 5K/10K adult races. Seeing them do their little pre-race stretches and beginning healthy lifestyles early was a delight of my day!

We hope you’ll join us this year in continuing to honor the memory of Jim on August 6. Our sponsoring organization is the Provident Health Foundation. I serve on that board and our Executive Director, John Hofer, has always been a big supporter of the run. Funds we raise will stay local and continue to support the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services and patients at Aurora Medical Center – Bay Area.

Stay tuned for more information. And thank you again for your support.

Organ Donation Information

Organ donation gave Jim more time with his family and is a life-saving or life-extending opportunity for many in our nation. We are placing a special emphasis on organ donation with our event this year and hope you will take a moment to register as an organ donor in your state if you have not already. 

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"It is in his memory that the mission of the Jim Hodge Memorial Run is to support those in the Marinette/Menominee community who require treatment for a lung condition and to encourage organ donation."

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